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Casa Buena White Sangria 1ltr

KSh 650.00
Casa Buena is a high quality ready to drink Sangria which is alcohol made by blending wine and fruits. Packaged

Four Cousins Sweet white 5 ltr

KSh 3,400.00
Four Cousins Sparkling White Made in South Africa, the Four Cousins Sparkling White is a fragrant wine with gentle honeysuckle

Gato negro chardonnay 750ml

KSh 1,000.00
Gato Negro Chardonnay. A crisp blend of tropical fruit aromas with peach, banana and wood tones. Colour: Golden yellow Tasting Notes

Gato negro sauvignon blanc 750ml

KSh 950.00
Gato Negro Sauvignon Blanc FROM Chile is a wine with fresh style and a balanced acidity that improves the fruit

4th Street White 5ltr

KSh 3,500.00
4th Street Natural Sweet White is easy to drink, fresh and naturally sweet. Unashamedly uncomplicated, easy-drinking and versatile, 4th Street

Cellar Cask White 5ltr

KSh 3,800.00
Cellar Cask Sweet White pairs well with light dishes. The rose has a brilliant bright rose appearance with notes of

Royalty white celebration drink

Royalty white celebration drink (non-alcoholic) is a Belgian wine classified as white wine or white sweet wine or sparkling wine

Saint anna white sweet 750 ml

KSh 950.00
St Anna is glimmering gold packed with ripe tropical fruit fragrances and flavours and attractive floral and spice nuances. Full

Black Bird Sweet White 750 ml

KSh 830.00
Black Bird Sweet White is Meticulously crafted by expert wine makers, this natural sweet wine is a true African jewel,

Mara nyeupe

KSh 1,150.00
 Mara Mara Nyeupe is a white wine that belongs to mara family, it is produced in South Africa  and has 12% ABV (Alcohol By Volume). Order at La casa

Namaqua white dry 5 ltr

KSh 3,100.00
Namaqua is a soft, easy-to-drink wine with abundant fruity and fresh flavours of berry and fresh red fruits with smoky