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William Lawson’s Can (6 Pack)

KSh 1,440.00
William Lawson’s has a sweet, medium-bodied flavor. Made with a high malt content, the blend was first produced by William

Smirnoff Guarana can 6 pack

KSh 1,080.00
Smirnoff Guarana is a ready-to-drink that combines the refreshing and invigorating taste of Smirnoff Vodka blended with Soda and Guarana.

Smirnoff double black 6 pack

KSh 1,080.00
Smirnoff black ice is a beer that belongs to Smirnoff family. It is classified as alcopops and is produced in

Snapp can 6 pack

KSh 1,080.00
Snapp, labelled as the ladies’ drink, explodes with taste once it hits your tongue. It is a naturally refreshing, fruit